Web Dev Portfolio

I have been writing websites for personal use and as a side gig for many years. In the process of writing websites, I have learned to use many different frameworks and CMS systems. For basic websites, I tend to prefer WordPress, which keeps allows me to bring a project to market quite fast and for a low cost. For custom web applications or web services, I tend to favor Django/Python.

Here is a list of the different websites I have created in the past.

Lumativ Pre Launch Website

This was a quick and fun project in which I got to work. My close friend Scotty needed a hand putting together a pre-launch website for his brand of illuminated hats which are sold at www.lumativ.com. The main concept for the page was to capture the "glowy" feeling that his hats produced.

Design Scott Campbell - Lumativ . -   Development  Rudy Cortes

AlexaCuisine Private Chef Services

I have been running the website for AlexaCuisine for the last 5 years. We have gone through 4 different iterations and might be due for a new update. Chef Alexa is my favorite Chef ever! (I am a little biased since she has also been my wife since 1999). Built on WordPress, uses other services such as mailchimp, mandrill and Insighlty for creating a more effective sales funnel.

Design & development  Rudy Cortes

Dance All You Can Website

We helped create the first version of the website for Dance All You Can, a ballroom dancing studio located in fountain valley and lead by renowned international dancers Oleg Suvorov and Tatiana Pavlova.  The website we designed is no longer being used, but we are glad to be able to help them out at the beginning.

Design Diego Torres . -   Development  Rudy Cortes

Arteaga Family Dentistry

I was asked to help with the overhauling of this website a long time ago. Their original website was very simple and had not been updated in a while. We decided to concentrate on using large welcoming graphics and we made sure that the website displayed all content in English and Spanish.

Design & development  Rudy Cortes