and…..we’re back!

After 6 years of patiently waiting for those darn cyber squatters that took ownership of to give up on the stupid idea of making money from me, I finally was able to recover it. Now I have enrolled in auto renew of the domain, so I hope this is the last time I have to deal with these sort of issues.

So what has happened over the last 6 years?

Moved to San Francisco, California to work at The Orphanage on The Day After Tomorrow and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Moved to Texas to work at DNA productions on The Ant Bully.

Niky was born.

Moved to Burbank, California to work at Disney Animation Studios. Got hired for Rapunzel (Tangled) but did work on Meet The Robinsons and a Goofy 2d short.

Started TD-College with some fellow TD’s/Entrepreneurs.

Left Disney to go work on effects at Digital Dimension. The same year DDimension closed its doors and landed a freelance job at Uncharted Territory for Roland Emerich’s 2012.

Published a RenderMan book.

Celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary.

Finally had enough of the craziness of the VFX industry and looked for a change of scenery. Ended up moving AGAIN to Irvine, California to work at Blizzard Entertainment in the cinematics department.

Closed TD-College :(

At the moment im working on a couple of research projects. Always working on improving my skills and become a stronger TD.

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