A new journey

I have been lucky enough to have achieved one of my life long dreams, to work on VFX/Animation for films. As much as I always loved and enjoyed visual effects, I have always had a complete fascination with animation. Thats how my journey into this field started as I initially wanted to be an animator. […]

Web Dev Portfolio

I have been writing websites for personal use for quite a while now. In the process of writing websites, I have played with different frameworks and languages, of which PHP and Wordpress have become my platform of choice. Below are some samples of the different websites I have developed. Design: Scott Campbell Programming: Rudy Cortes Website for […]

I Had a Leak!

An image generated with multi-threading

Equinox, my little renderer, is slowly making progress. I had reached a point where I could render a simple shape (a sphere) which had its own transformation matrix. Having a working renderer that supports a pinhole orthographic camera and a sphere, I figured this was the perfect time to try to do something that I […]

The Importance of Technical Knowledge

CG production is an exciting career. Just look back at the changes that have taken place over the last 10 years and im sure you will realize how fast this industry moves. This industry of ours, so new, so fresh, so desired. Every year at Siggraph I see a large river of young new comers, […]

“Take the Red Pill …

..and ill show you how deep the rabbit hole goes” – Morpheus. One of the coolest lines from one of my favorite movies, The Matrix. So why do I bring this up? Well In the process of writing Equinox I had to implement transformations, which of course means dealing with matrices and linear algebra. I have […]